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How Happy is Your Liver?

Author: Lily Mazzarella

Happy Liver Detox - Farmacopia Seasonal Cleanse

The liver is hot, metabolically speaking. And very active: on any given day, it is performing over 500 functions for us. We all know that it’s on the liver to get us out of a pinch when we drink too much, but did you know that the liver contains a unique enzyme system that co-evolved with plants, and that this system can detoxify just about everything we encounter now? Continue reading

The Detox-Allergy Connection

Author: Lily Mazzarella

Detox-Allergy Connection - Farmacopia Seasonal Cleanse

Spring brings many gifts: lengthening daylight, forest-floor flowers, and increased energy & inspiration as we observe the earth’s cycle of renewal.

This is, however, for many a dreaded time of year: spring’s volatile weather and wind form the perfect storm with a proliferation of tree, grass, and wildflower pollen. Continue reading

Do It Yourself Body Care with Essential Oils

Robin Lander
Author: Robin Lander

D.I.Y Body Care with Essential OilsMaking your own body care products is a rewarding way to have complete control over your ingredients, scent, texture, look, and feel. With a little practice and the right quality ingredients, you can make luxurious, premium products that rival even the best store-bought brands. These also make wonderful gifts!

Continue reading

What your Sore Throat is REALLY Telling You

Author: Lily Mazzarella

13 Types of Sore Throat

Get to know your Ring of Fire

Since the mouth and pharynx comprise the opening of the digestive AND the respiratory system, it makes sense we would have a strongly defended gateway there.  I call the back of the throat the “ring of fire”:  a dense clustering of lymphatic tissue.  This body-smart adaptation allows us to mount an immune response at the periphery of the body and (hopefully) keep viruses, bacteria, and molds at bay.  It also means that when this tissue is in *activated fighting* mode, inflammation, soreness, and overt pain can arise as it works to protect us.  Continue reading

Crave. Cave. Collapse.

Author: Lily Mazzarella


When you want it, it’s hard to think of anything else.

The Crave—Cave—Collapse cycle is something many of my clients go through as they attempt to get high sugar/processed Continue reading