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Travel: so good for the soul, and so hard on our bodies.

Author: Lily Mazzarella

Where does travel hit you?  Can’t poop? Trouble sleeping?  Going to a place where you have little or no control over your food?  Anxious about packing, waking up early, getting on a plane—or being with family members?   Get sick every time you go anywhere?

We’ve got you covered!

These are our go-to travel saviors:

Did you know there is an enzyme that helps break down common food allergens, like gluten and casein from dairy?  Or that there is an enzyme to assist in the breakdown of food and beverage-borne histamines—like those found in wine, cheese, and salami?  Or that Activated Charcoal can be used topically for spider bites and internally for alcohol and food overindulgence, or exposure to food and water-borne bugs?  

For more amazing remedies, check out our top travel picks.

HistDAO 60cap:  Do you get a headache, flushing, congestion, or gut upset with histamine-containing food and drink such as wine, aged cheese, leftover foods, cured meats and fermented veggies?  HistDAO contains the DAO enzyme, which our own body produces to break down histamines in the food supply. A huge hit with our histamine-sensitive folks who want to indulge!

Intolerance Complex:  This highly specialized enzyme assists in the digestion of gluten, dairy and other common food allergens.  While it’s not total license to eat foods that don’t work for you, it is wonderful to have something when you know you’re going to enjoy foods that you don’t normally eat.  Also great for sensitive folks who are concerned about exposures in restaurants and dinner parties.

Our 2 top-selling shelf-stable probiotics are on sale!  That’s right, you can support your flora and protect your gut while you travel! The EPS probiotics come in 2 strengths and convenient blister packaging.  Orthobiotic is a high-potency multi-strain probiotic that adds Saccharomyces boulaardii, a beneficial yeast that doesn’t get killed by antibiotics, and aids the body in protecting against Candida and C. diff.  

  • EPS 25-Billion
  • EPS 5-Billion 120
  • EPS 5-Billion 60
  • Ortho Biotic 60

Quiet Digestion (90 Tablets / 270 Tablets):  Staff favorite!  This classic blend of Chinese herbs has traditionally been used for food poisoning, bad water exposure, nausea, diarrhea, stomach rumbling, and belching.  Aromatic herbs aid digestion and protect against gut misery. Can be taken prophylactically or alongside unfamiliar/suspicious foods.

Activated Charcoal:  I don’t go anywhere without charcoal!  Along with Quiet Digestion, charcoal is my go-to for iffy food and water we encounter while traveling or camping.  It’s also a great hangover cure—if you’ve overindulged in alcohol or food, take 2 caps before bed along with tons of water.  And, charcoal caps can be opened and mixed with water for topical use on angry cuts, scrapes and bug bites. I brush my teeth with it if I forget toothpaste!  A bit messy, but works great.

Herbatonin 3mg (available in store only) Finally a 100% plant-based, bio-identical melatonin!  Help your system get on board with new time zone and reset your bio-rhythms when you return home with this clean, easy-to-process melatonin extracted from the palnt Oryza sativa.  Many of our customers report a much better response to Herbatonin than synthetic melatonin.

PharmaGABA-Pro (100 Tablets/ 250Tablets), and Chewable PharmaGABA by Natural Factors:
GABA is our own body’s main quieting neurotransmitter. PharmaGABA is a non-synthetic, bio-identical form of GABA that supports daytime calm, as well as restful sleep.  Great for pre-travel anxiety and sleep disruption, long plane rides, and trouble sleeping in unfamiliar places or new time zones.  It comes in 2 strengths and a chewable form!

Mellow Lax:  Constipation is one of the most common travel complaints we hear about, and can seriously hinder your quality of life.  Mellow Lax contains herbs like Rhubarb and Cascara that have traditionally been used to move the bowels, as well as soothing aromatic herbs like Wild Yam, Angelica and Fennel to help with bowel tension and cramping.  Mellow Lax offers gentle overnight support for easy elimination.

Sleep Now:  Customer favorite!  Fall asleep faster and fall back to sleep more easily with herbs traditionally used to support sleep and relaxation such as California Poppy, Passionflower and Hops.  This rapidly absorbed formula offers fast-acting support and is not habit forming. Can be taken before bed and upon nighttime wakings.

In The Moment:  Top Seller!  Skullcap, Blue Vervain, Lavender and Kava help to take the edge off daily stress and anxiety, and help create a sense of embodied relaxation.  Full of fast-acting nervines (herbs traditionally used to support the nervous system), In the Moment is our top-selling anxiety and stress support blend.  

Defend! Throat Spray:  Get sick every time you travel?  I suggest wearing a soft, comfortable mask if you’re flying (with a drop of immune-clarifying Ravintsara EO on the charcoal mask, for an aromatherapy boost) and using 3-4 sprays of Defend! Throat Spray every couple of hours.  It is formulated with herbs traditionally used to support our defenses against viruses and other pathogens, and topically targets the area where nasty things tend to start brewing.

Ravintsara and Lavender EO:  My travel bag would be incomplete without Simplers Organic Lavender essential oil, which can be used for everything from sunburn to restless agitation to bug bites.  Ravintsara is my go-to for respiratory, lymphatic and immune health—I use a drop or two on my mask or scarf when I fly, and in the shower once I arrive for an aromatherapy steam.  I have found it to be particularly helpful when the air quality in an unfamiliar room is poor, due to ventilation or potential mold. Essential oils can also be diffused in the car for road trips!

Spicer Cork Bags (3 sizes):  Sustainable, locally-made, super-durable, AND really pretty?  These fantastic bags house your toiletries, travel goodies and tinctures for easy access.

Taking The Mystery Out Of Food Re-Introduction

Author: Lily Mazzarella

Observations gleaned through a decade + of guiding clients through anti-inflammatory/elimination diets.

You’ve been working hard at eating clean, doing an anti-inflammatory/elimination diet (like the Summer Inflammation Soother), and you’re feeling pretty damn good.

So it is with trepidation, excitement and relief that you approach the re-introduction of potentially problematic foods left off in this time.

Some guiding principles:

Choose ONE food at a time. Don’t muddy the waters—the most unclear reintroductions occur when “I was at a party and I had wine and this really delicious bread and some cheese and then some chocolate so I’m not sure what is making me feel so terrible.” I typically suggest people start with eggs, since they are an “expander” food: if you don’t have a sensitivity or allergy to them, they can broaden your food options tremendously, and make traveling easier.

Eat that food daily, for 3 days in a row. Sometimes delayed sensitivities take time to emerge, and sometimes repeated exposure is the issue. You don’t necessarily have to eat the food at every meal! Just make sure to have a good serving of that food in its most straightforward state at least once a day. So, for eggs, eat 2-3 eggs per day, scrambled, over easy, hard-boiled—you get the idea.

Keep a diary or food log. This is a critical observation period, and things can get complicated quickly once you’re really in the thick of reintros.

Watch for signs that a food may not be working for your body. In a sense we’re “lucky” if a food causes immediate symptoms: GI upset, bowel changes, headache, congestion or lip/mouth swelling. These reactions are hard to ignore or override. But there are other signs that we less commonly associate with food reactions, or are on a longer arc: brain fog, mood changes (particularly weepy/irritable/self-critical), precipitous energy drops, anxiety, palpitations, disturbed sleep, skin outbreaks, worsened PMS, joint pain, muscle aches/tightness, hot flashes, urinary irritability and reactive weight gain. This last one is a very precise indicator for some people—eating a food can cause weight to fluctuate by 1-5 pounds in as little as a day. This is a sign that a food is causing inflammation in your system.

If a food causes a reaction (or you suspect it does), leave it out, and let your body come back down to baseline. This washout period takes about 3 days. It’s important to ensure the next food has a fair shot. “Will I ever be able to eat that food again?” you ask. And my honest answer is: we don’t know yet. When the gut is given the herbs, nutrients and time to truly heal, many foods can be eventually be re-included in the diet. Other foods remain lifelong sensitivities or allergies—or just poor fits for your body. Some people find, for example, that they just don’t do well with too many grains in the diet over all, or with nightshades. This isn’t a failing on your part! It’s your unique expression—where genetics meet environment.

If a food causes no reaction, leave it in and move on to the next food. That’s right, just hit repeat!

A couple of final thoughts on re-introduction phase:

This is obviously hard (but not impossible) to do while traveling. Set yourself up for success with elimination diets by choosing a time when you are not cruising around airports or on a road trip.

You can do this on your own, but the guidance of a practitioner is tremendously helpful. They can help you interpret what is happening, and help determine next steps or supportive therapies depending upon your results.

If find you are reactive to most things, don’t freak out—this may not be forever! Stay on your healthy anti-inflammatory diet and work on your gut health. You may need to balance the microbiome in your small or large intestine, or give your GI tract nutrients and herbs to aid with intestinal permeability (leaky gut).

Try a food in different forms: dairy for example, presents many different forms that people tolerate variously. You can try plain yogurt, hard cheese, soft cheese, milk….just not ice cream. Other ingredients (including sugar) present confounding factors. If you don’t tolerate cow dairy, you might do okay with some goat or sheep dairy. Some folks can have tomatoes cooked in to a dish, but not eat them straight.

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