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Sage-Garlic Honey

Author: Lily Mazzarella

sage-garlic honey recipe from Farmacopia, Santa Rosa, CA

Honey: More than just a sweet treat.

In its raw, unheated/unpasteurized form, you may be shocked at the plethora of heavy hitting health benefits honey possesses. Continue reading

6 Ultra Simple Lifestyle Tips to Break up With Sugar

Author: Lily Mazzarella

Farmacopia 6 tips to kick the sugar habit
Sugar. It’s the worst partner you’ve ever had. And it’s time to leave it in the X-files along with his old sweater and that tattered napkin she first wrote her number on. “What’s so wrong with sugar,” you ask? “It’s always there when I need comforting, makes me giddy at just the thought of it, and never says no to me,” you say. But like a toxic partner, sometimes it takes the hard truth from a dear friend to help you see their insidious ways. Let me be that friend.

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Do It Yourself Body Care with Essential Oils

Robin Lander
Author: Robin Lander

D.I.Y Body Care with Essential OilsMaking your own body care products is a rewarding way to have complete control over your ingredients, scent, texture, look, and feel. With a little practice and the right quality ingredients, you can make luxurious, premium products that rival even the best store-bought brands. These also make wonderful gifts!

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Do you have a leaky gut?

Author: Lily Mazzarella

Leaky gutA leaky what?

“Leaky gut”: a shorthand colloquialism for “abnormal intestinal permeability” or “intestinal hyperpermeability,” a well-researched condition that is at once clearly defined in the medical literature, and largely ignored in the practice of conventional medicine. Continue reading

What the Shiitake!

Author: Lily Mazzarella

Benefits of Shiitake Mushrooms

neither plant nor animal nor mineral…….Get to know a mushroom!

SHIITAKE  {nice to meet you}  Lentinula edodes

“Shii” = name of several types of tree upon which shiitakes grow, in Japanese 

“take”= mushroom, in Japanese

Aka:  black mushroom, black forest mushroom, donko Continue reading

Vitamin C: Fact, Fiction & Function

Author: Lily Mazzarella

Vitamin C Facts & Sources

News from the health food craze percolated even through suburban New Jersey in the late 70s and early 80s:  I, like most people, grew up thinking that vitamin C was good for me, and that oranges were the only way to get it.  When I was home sick with a cold, I would tip an icy canister of orange juice concentrate into a pitcher, pausing to eat it by the spoonful, getting perilously high on sugar.  As I felt my energy levels rise, I knew for certain I was curing myself.  Continue reading