Wellness Classes & Events

Herbal Pain Management Workshop at Graton Day Labor Center

Day laborers and domestic workers face some of the harshest work conditions in our communities. We are thankful for the amazing work of Graton Day Labor Center https://www.gratondaylabor.org/ in their organization for a newly established $18/hr minimum wage, healthy work conditions, break time and overtime pay!

This Thursday 8/16, 9-10 a.m. we will be hosting a free Recetas + Remedios wellness workshop at Graton Day Labor Center on pain management. Hard manual work can lead to chronic joint pain and when untreated, injury and disability. We will make herbal medicine with turmeric and learn about other herbs for relieving pain and inflammation.

Este jueves 8/16, 9 -10 a.m., organizaremos un taller gratuito Recetas + Remedios en el Graton Day Labor Center sobre manejo del dolor. El trabajo manual duro puede provocar dolor crónico en las articulaciones y cuando no se trata, este lastimadura puede legar a discapacidad. Haremos medicina herbal con cúrcuma y aprenderemos sobre otras hierbas para aliviar el dolor y la inflamación.

21 Day Sugar Detox With Paige Doyle

  • Thursday, September 13th, 6:15-7:45pm Intro to the Sugar Detox program: Why quit sugar, how the program works, and Q & A. Cost: $10

The cost of the 3-week long workshop: $60 if they register before September 15th. $75 after that.

  • Wednesday, September 19th, 6:15-7:45pm First Class
  • Wednesday, September 26th, 6:15-7:45pm Second Class
  • Wednesday, October 3rd, 6:15-7:45pm Third Class