Collagen Hydrolysate



Part of the Summer Cleanse, collagen is full body repair for a beautiful self.

We’re made of collagen. Some is visible (our skin), and the other is invisible to us (our joints & the linings of blood vessels). Great Lakes collagen is a low-allergy protein source made from the hides of grass-fed, free-range cows. It supports the formation & integrity of ALL of our collagen, promotes satiety, and helps to heal the gut.

It’s also loaded with the calming amino acid glycine, which supports the liver in its housecleaning duties and plays an important role in fat digestion by helping regulate the synthesis of the bile acid.

Our clients and Farmacopia staff have also noted improvements in appetite regulation, stabilized energy levels and blood sugar balance with regular use.

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16 oz

Suggested Use

Take two rounded tablespoons twice daily.


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