Gut Love Bitters



GUT LOVE BITTERS is a meal-time digestive to relax & optimize digestion immediately.



Bitters are the classic herbal approach to enhance digestion. Taking bitters is a great way to prepare your distracted digestive tract for the arrival of food: they stimulate motility and the secretion of various digestive juices. Gut Love Bitters blend is appropriate for a range of digestive distress, from hypoactive, low secretory patterns (food “just sits”) to crampy-gassy-bloated patterns (more irritable digestion). Benefits? Greater digestive comfort, enhanced nutrient absorption, and improved elimination. Experiment with the amount you use to experience the variety of effects bitters can have on your digestion!


Gut Love Bitters: Chamomile, Artichoke, Bitter Orange, Orange Peel, Wild Yam, Angelica, Dandelion Root, Ginger in a base of organic alcohol and glycerine.

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