In the Moment



IN THE MOMENT fast-acting relief during moments of acute stress & overwhelm.



If irritability, frustration or tension are hallmarks of your experience, fast-acting “In the Moment” may be just what you need! Blue vervain and Skullcap soothe liver-ish irritability. Jujube and Oats are “neurotrophorestorative”—herbs that build and restore the nervous system.  Lemon balm focuses the mind & uplifts, while Kava takes stress down a few notches. This blend soothes the system & inspires ease, allowing you to relax into a new experience.  A great intervention for those with stressful day jobs, small children & general overwhelm.


Ingredients: Jujube, Skullcap, Blue Vervain, Motherwort, Oats, Kava, Lemon Balm, and Lavender in a base of organic alcohol and glycerine.

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