Reishi Roast – “On-the-Go” Liquid Extract


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Not enough time to make your morning brew? Don’t stress. Get the full benefits of Reishi Roast in pure liquid extract form with Reishi Roast On-the-Go.


Reishi Roast On-the-Go supplies all of the powerhouse medicinal benefits of Reishi Roast – Original Blend in a convenient and portable package. This liquid form is a highly concentrated herbal extract that’s perfect for those short on time or brewing resources.

Handmade with 100% organic herbs in Sonoma County, California, Reishi Roast On-The-Go is an antioxidant blend of herbs, medicinal mushrooms, cacao, and superfoods that gives balanced energy and supports the entire body.

SUGGESTED USE: Take straight or in water, coffee, or hot milk of your choice 1-2 times per day. Take daily over several months for optimal benefits.

SERVING SIZE:  1/4-1 tsp (approximately 2-5 dropperfuls)


Ingredients: Roasted chicory root*, reishi mushroom*, chaga mushroom*, milky oat strobiles*, roasted dandelion root*, cacao*, cinnamon bark*, milk thistle*

Other ingredients: organic alcohol (30-45%), and glycerine


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