Stress-Adapt Pow[d]er


STRESS-ADAPT POW[D]ER is a superfood botanical blend supporting healthy stress responses in the long term. Perfect addition to boost morning smoothies or in your favorite nut milk!



Adaptogens are herbs that increase our ability to adapt to our ever-changing environments, making us more physiologically and psychologically resilient. Many of these herbs have been found to have a normalizing action on our bodies’ functioning: adjusting for, or preventing disturbances brought about by stressors. Adaptogens feed our buffer zones over time, and ideally should be taken for a minimum of 6 weeks. Benefits? Improved sense of well-being, better quality sleep, faster recovery time from illness and exercise, and enhanced libido, to name a few. Stress-Adapt Pow[d]er contains tonic, adaptogenic herbs prized for their ability to build our own vital force, as well as superfoods like Mesquite and Cinnamon.

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4 ounces

Suggested Use

1-3 teaspoons in your morning smoothie.


Eleuthero, Suma, Maca, Ashwagandha, Mesquite, Licorice, Nutmeg, Cinnamon.


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