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Lily Mazzarella, MS CNS

Lily Mazzarella, MS CNS, Creator of the Seasonal Cleanse

Welcome to the Seasonal Cleanse!

 I’ve never been a hardcore detox person. For the past 15 years I’ve seen scores of people “cleanse” and become depleted and feel worse, or feel great for 10 days of juice and rice cakes and then rebound—hard—into (dis)comfort foods and crappy habits.

But we’ve all heard it: there’s flame retardant in our breast milk, PCBs in our subcutaneous fat, and pesticide accumulating in our thyroid glands. Our fingers absorb BPA from store receipts, and our livers are being wrecked by Tylenol. There’s rocket fuel in our organic greens. These exogenous toxins can make it difficult for the body to clear its own waste products—natural by-products of digestion, cellular metabolism, and processes like inflammation.

Since our world is, undeniably, filled with toxic substances, it helps if we don’t add insult to injury by self-inflicting. So often we get caught up in our habitual comforts and shortcuts around food, self-medication and self-care, and we suffer for it. The body starts to squawk, and we experience digestive distress, brain fog, low energy, anxiety, joint pain, allergies, frequent colds, hormonal swings, blood sugar dysregulation, weight gain and skin inflammation.

There’s actually a lot we can do to offset the toxic onslaught. The body knows how to cleanse: it has myriad detoxification capacities, from microscopic enzyme systems inside our cells, to specialized organs like the liver and kidneys, and systems such as the lymphatics. We just need to get out of the way.

And this is how I came around to cleansing: I love the idea of getting out of my own way. As I get older (and hopefully wiser), I have come to realize that more often than not, it is my own entrenched thinking that can hold me back. The same applies to our bodies, and the patterns of disharmony and dysfunction that arise. Cleanses can help nudge us out of our physiological ruts.

I realized, too, that I had helped hundreds of people through the “cleanse” process without necessarily thinking of it in those terms. And that this process prompted profound and lasting shifts in my clients’ health—some quite surprising! The shifts included resolution of insomnia, joint pain, depression, anxiety, skin itching, PMS, and reductions in both pharmaceutical and natural medicine use. Cleansing can clear the way for multisystem reset. And that’s the premise of this cleanse.

The Farmacopia Seasonal Cleanse is a total system reset.

Following the rhythms inherent in nature, The Seasonal Cleanse takes you through the year, giving you the opportunity to get back on track and let go of what’s not working, while fueling your system with essential foods, herbs & nutrients to help you thrive in the next season.

Our plans are gluten and dairy free and can adjust to the paleo, vegetarian and vegan alike.

Join us for any – or all – of our four Seasonal Cleanses, and have a new experience of your vitality and inner alignment.


Farmacopia Seasonal Cleanse

The Farmacopia Seasonal Cleanse is a comprehensive body cleanse and building program comprised of four distinct cleanses scheduled harmoniously with the seasons.

Throughout the year you’ll have the opportunity to participate in any or all of the four Seasonal Cleanses. Each Cleanse focuses on a different body system, clearing toxins and cellular burden, fortifying you for the unique health challenges commonly faced in that season.

This season, enjoy the invigorating benefits of the New Year’s Gut & Stress Soother– available now – February 28th.

 For more details call (800) 896-1484.

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At its core, The Seasonal Cleanse is a nutritive cleanse, powering you up with the seasonal plant medicines nature provided for our survival.


Each season you are armed with a season-specific Seasonal Cleanse Guide loaded with information, tips and guidance to help you thrive in that season.

Farmcopia Seasonal Cleanse - Gut & Stress SootherThis season learn about:

The Gut-Brain Access – How our gut microflora influences mood, stress, and more

 The Foods you should be eating to soothe the gut and stabilize mood

 Delicious, easy recipes you can incorporate into your daily life

The top 8 herbs & nutrients to help you digest, de-stress and self-soothe


We recommend accompanying your cleanse with key wellness enhancers. The New Year’s Cleanse Collection is your complete kit to help you digest, de-stress and soothe as you embark upon your new year. This kit includes a combination of 8 incredibly powerful plant-based supplements including a multi-species probiotic, herbal digestives, gut nourishers, and stress soothers to use throughout your cleanse and beyond. Select the entire collection and save 15% now – February 28, 2018.

Download your free New Year’s Cleanse Guide for a close look!

Here’s your sneak peak:

  • VITAL-1O – a multi-strain probiotic for gut, mood & immune support
  • GUT LOVE BITTERS – meal-time digestif drops to relax & optimize digestion
  • GI FORTIFY caps – fiber-rich detoxifier to soothe and encourage your elimination pathways
  • REPAIRVITE – the ultimate gut nourisher for damaged and stressed GI tissues creating the optimum environment for increased nutrient absorption
  • IN-THE-MOMENT herbal extract- fast-acting relief during moments of acute stress and overwhelm
  • STRESS-ADAPT POW[D]ER – superfood adaptogen powder supporting long term healthy stress response (delicious addition to your morning smoothie)
  • SERENITY BODY OIL – Uplifting, calming, rejuvenating massage oil

Experience the benefits of the complete New Year’s Cleanse Collection or create your personalized Mix & Match Kit. Receive 10% OFF when you select any 4 or more cleanse items!


While not included in the standard New Year’s Cleanse kit, we highly recommend incorporating a high-quality protein powder and collagen powder into your cleanse routine. You’ll find them useful for the preparation of your morning protein smoothie and afternoon soup. (See Core Recipe section of the cleanse for instructions)

These are two of our favorites!

  • SPROUTED BROWN RICE PROTEIN – low-allergy, single ingredient protein powder suitable for omnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike
  • COLLAGEN POWDER – grass-fed, free range collagen supporting full-body repair, beautiful skin and deep cellular growth


Get one-on-one support with a Farmacopia Cleanse Coach:

60 minute session      …..   $120


Each season you’ll have the option to participate at your own pace. Choose between 3, 7 or 21 day formats.

Perhaps life is just a little too hectic during the Summer, so you opt for the 3 day plan. Or, if seasonal colds typically get you down, consider a more supportive experience as a 21 dayer during the New Year’s Cleanse. Our plans are safe enough to repeat several times throughout the season; if you feel you’ve gotten a little off course, by all means read & repeat!


Farmacopia Seasonal Cleanse - New Years Cleanse Collection

about the creator

Lily Mazzarella Herbalist & Certified Nutrition Specialist

Lily Mazzarella is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Clinical Herbalist. As the owner and head practitioner of Farmacopia she has worked extensively with clients nationwide, improving health through the precise use of herbs, nutrients & dietary shifts. The Seasonal Cleanse is the 10 year amalgamation of those best practices.

“A cleanse should be empowering and pleasurable, a time to tune in to your body and the season. I’m excited to share my love and knowledge of plant medicine, food, ritual, and nutrition with you.” – Lily