As pioneers in the integration of traditional natural medicine and science-based, cutting-edge approaches to health, Farmacopia has been helping people like you find an accessible and sensible path to vibrant health since 1999.

Why you’re here:

You may feel stuck with a frustrating health issue, and overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information coming your way. Or your doctor referred you when you asked for an alternative to the medication she’s prescribing. Perhaps you’re wondering if the right herbs and supplements could help optimize your health.

And why we’re here:

At Farmacopia, we listen and help you to find a starting point. We provide the natural solutions that remove roadblocks to your wellness.

Let us help you – we are experienced in all these common ailments and more:

  • Stress
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Sleep Problems
  • Low Energy: Adrenal & Thyroid Stress
  • Digestive Imbalances
  • Allergies, Colds & Respiratory Issues
  • Detox, Inflammation & Weight Management